10 Innovative Back-to-school Printables Your Kids Will Have Fun With

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School is a life-altering experience for kids. Some of them love it, and some would rather stay at home with their parents. But don’t worry, there are ways you can motivate them and get them excited to be back to school.

For instance, printables are great to prepare kids for school beforehand. They can learn new words, names, creatures, structures, history, etc. through writing and tracing on printables. And if your kids are fussy eaters, then you can leave cute notes in their lunch boxes that will boost their appetite.

Here are ten back-to-school printable ideas that your kids will enjoy. You can even give your own twists to these!

●   Word Search Puzzles

If you want to rejuvenate your children’s minds before they step into school after a wonderful vacation, word-searching puzzles are the way to go. Complete words will be hidden in a jumble of random letters, which kids need to find out and mark out.

It’s a fun way to refresh your children’s minds with words they had learned before and new words that they can learn. There are plenty of back-to-school printable word puzzles that you can find. To download such puzzles for your kid to solve easily, click here.

●   Inspiring Quotes for Kids

There are a lot of quotes that can help you motivate your kids. Whether it’s to study, to play, to hustle, or anything else you want your children to excel, you can find quotes perfect to encourage them.

You can search the internet for such quotes, type them out in illustrative fonts yourself, or can find already prepared printables. You can also make these quotes into coloring pages for your kids. They won’t just have fun coloring them, but you can also teach them what’s written and explain it to them.

●   Finding the Hidden Objects Puzzles

This puzzle comes in a few names, one of which is something we play with kids verbally: “I spy with my little eyes.” These puzzles contain images of a lot of objects jumbled up tightly. Your kids will need to find out the matching pairs of all the objects to finally pass it.

You can find plenty of these printables online. Or, if you want to make things more interesting and put a twist to them, then you can find some images and make a puzzle of your own. This way, you can make your kids try something new and challenging.

●   Printables to Spell Out Names

Children learn faster when their learnings are backed up by fun tasks. With printables where you need to write down names, they can learn to spell out their names, your name, their teacher’s name, or the names of the characters from their favorite cartoons.

You can even make some themed printables that will teach your kids about historical figures, names of geographical locations, animal kingdoms, etc. If you want, you can even have themed days for your children and help them solve these printables.

●   ‘My Five Favourite’ Questionnaire

Children love doing one thing: talking about things they absolutely love. Just ask them things like their favorite fruits, animals, people, etc., and watch their eyes sparkle as they ramble on and on.

You can help them practice these with a questionnaire. This questionnaire will contain categories such as animals and fruits, and then five blanks underneath. Kids will then have to fill in those blanks and mention their five favorites under every category.

●   Lunch Box Tags and Notes

Tags and notes on lunch boxes are something that some people already do. However, labeling food compartments with illustrative tags and leaving sweet notes inside the box just increases the appetite by a huge margin, especially for kids. You have to know how to speak their language though!

You’ll find plenty of such tags and notes online that you can print out, each note and tag for each day. Or, you can design them yourselves to make your child’s eating time a bit more fun.

●   ‘What I Learned at School’ Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help your kids to reflect back on what they’ve learned at school on a daily and weekly basis. You can print out templates of such questionnaires.

Or, you can prepare a questionnaire yourself according to the routine of your kids’ classes. Just mention the names of the subjects and leave some blank lines underneath for your children to fill up. You can make them all on one piece of paper, or you can create a few printables.

●   Weekly Planner Printables

Planning weekly is a healthy practice, and the earlier you can get your kids started on this, the better it is for them. Planning their activities weekly will help them maintain discipline and routine, and they’ll also learn early on how to segment each part of their day.

There are a lot of cute weekly planner printables online. You can print those out, or you can make some on your own. With these, you can help your children achieve a balance between studying, playing, and resting.

●   ‘Acts of Kindness’ Printables

Everywhere you look now, you’ll notice a lot of suffering around you. Open your social media platforms, and you’ll find some unfortunate news instantly. In a world where it’s getting tougher to live, due to economic crises, gender or racial discrimination, or anything else, it’s more important than ever to teach kids kindness towards everyone.

Create some printables for your kids, where you’ll write down one act of kindness per day and stick it to the fridge. Encourage your kids to follow them, tell them why they need to follow these, and how their kindness can make a difference. This should help them look forward to school as they will get the chance to execute this advice.

●   Colouring and Tracing Printables

A fun and colorful way to celebrate your kids going back to school again is to give them tracing and coloring printables. You can print out dotted pictures of animals, flowers, houses, cartoon characters, rainbow printables, etc.

Print these pictures out for them, give them crayons and markers, and watch them pour their colorful world on the paper. You can also print out alphabets typed in big fonts and dotted so that your kids can trace them, paint on them, and learn the letters at the same time.


The back-to-school season doesn’t have to be daunting for either the parents or children. As kids learn better through interactive learning, printables can make life easier for both of you.

We hope you found these ten ideas helpful. Don’t forget to give your own twists to these printables if you want to keep your kids interested! This way, they’ll have a lot more fun and will look forward to starting school again.

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