Let’s Leap Holiday Camp | Harrow

Dive into a thrilling school holiday adventure at Let’s Leap holiday camps!

Let’s Leap hosts a popular holiday camps in Harrow at St Jerome Bilingual School.

Our lineup includes a fantastic mix of activities to suit every interest. Highlights include Animal Shows, the rush of Electric Segway Go-karting, the skill of Fencing, and the team spirit of Zorb Football.

We’ve also got Archery, Inflatable Obstacle Courses, Kin Ball, and for those looking for some friendly competition, Nerf Tag. Plus, our Arts & Crafts sessions are perfect for sparking creativity.

Let’s Leap is more than just childcare; it’s a space where kids can thrive, learn, and build confidence. Our activities are designed to keep them engaged, active, and smiling all week long. We offer flexible attendance options to fit your schedule, including single-day or full-week bookings, with standard and extended day choices, complemented by sibling and weekly discounts.

Book your child’s spot now for an unforgettable school holiday filled with fun, learning, and adventure.

Visit our booking link here: https://www.letsleapsportsacademy.co.uk/ 

Join us at Let’s Leap holiday camp for a memorable experience your child will cherish!


Business Name: Let's Leap Sports Academy

Address: St Jerome Bilingual School, 120-138 Station Rd, Harrow, HA1 2DJ

Opening Times:

Tuesday, 28th May to Friday, 31st May 2024

Website: https://www.letsleapsportsacademy.co.uk/

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